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At G.S Legal Services we provide the following services:

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 Asylum and Protection:

  • notifying UKVI of a change of address

  • applications to vary the conditions attached to leave granted, including conditions attached to bail granted by the Secretary of State, for example the right to work or study, restrictions on residence or reporting requirements

  • travel document applications for someone granted Humanitarian Protection/Discretionary Leave to Remain.

Reviewing the Law


Applications for entry clearance, Leave to Enter or Leave to Remain; 

Applications that are within the Immigration Rules in the following categories:

  • visitors

  • spouses/unmarried partners

  • fiancé(e)s

  • other dependent relatives

  • Points Based System

  • diplomats, their family members and domestic staff

  • We can also help with FLR (FP) applications based on Family Life as a parent under the five year route and may also deal with ILR applications made under the 10 year lawful residence route.

  • Can also deal with out-of-time applications made within 14 days of the client’s leave having expired, where there is good reason for the delay that was beyond the adviser’s or their client’s control.


Nationality and Citizenship under UK law:

Applications for:

  • registration of a child as a British Citizen

  • naturalisation as a British Citizen

  • confirmation of British Nationality status.

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EEA Applications

Applications for the following:

  • residence permit for an EU/EEA national

  • family permit for a non-EU/EEA family member

  • entry clearance and residence documents for non-EU/EEA family member, including an extended family member but only where they clearly meet the definition as such

  • Schengen Visas

  • Accession State casework.

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Administrative Review:

Lodging and dealing with an application for Administrative Review for any Level 1 type application with the exception of applications refused on the basis of credibility or a fundamental issue of genuineness of documents, or relationships.

Diversity Students

Varying conditions of leave:

Applications to vary the conditions attached to leave granted. For example, an application to remove the condition related to 'No Recourse to Public Funds'. As a Level 1 adviser we may also apply to vary the conditions already set for clients on bail granted by the Secretary of State, for example the right to work or study, restrictions on residence, or reporting requirements.

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